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Two Minutes with Clare-Marie Dobing, Head of ESG Desk

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Liner supercycle is fading

Gas supply options examined as Europe seeks to halt reliance on Russia

Two Minutes with Ju Leng Koh, Senior Analyst

Oil market kicks off 2022 in bullish fashion

Supply chain congestion: The pandemic and beyond

Green Corridors: Bold ambitions for zero-emissions

Climate, Covid, and Commodities: The “New Three C’s” of maritime risk

Market forces push US Oil and Gas industry reforms onto the backburner

LNG-as-marine fuel: Are prospects hampered by the “gas crisis”?

Two Minutes with Magnus Evjebraten, Chief Technology Officer

The New ESG Paradigm

Containership owners feast in the newbuilding market

Get To Know Infospectrum

Two Minutes With Keith Ball, Senior Analyst, Americas

Onshore fuel storage operators see big future opportunities, but must navigate politically uncertain waters

The Roadmap to Decarbonisation - Liner Fuel Choices Remain Under The Spotlight

Two Minutes With Stephanie Rockett, Global HR Manager

Two Minutes with Daniel Woodrow, Senior Analyst, Infospectrum - Oxford

Terminal velocity? The decline of U.S. coal mining

Bunkers - if you wait long enough, everything becomes cool again

Two Minutes With Eleonora D'Orio, Senior Analyst

Getting Serious About Sanctions - Introducing Infospectrum's New Sanctions Screening System "Sirius"

Liner Spot Freight Rates - Hitting The Right Balance At Last

How to maximise the benefit of your Infospectrum membership

LNG exporters and the COVID-19 dilemma

India's Credit Squeeze

COVID-19: Working from home in shipping

Has OPEC+ reduced oil market risks?

LNG - Navigating Politics and Pandemic

False Positives - Not at all Positive

Tonnage provider risks in the container sector

A Post-Covid Future?

KYC and the Documentary Arms Race

WTI futures market: Risk versus Return in an Unprecedented Era

Hin Leong - A lesson learnt?

Due diligence and fraud, a case study

Oil market shock: Transition will give way to Adaptation

Containers and COVID-19 - Supply/Demand on a knife edge

Tankers and COVID-19 - Gains, for the moment

Dry Bulk and COVID-19 - Running on Empty

Bunkers and COVID-19 - Finance turns to Intelligence

Offshore and COVID-19 - The Double Whammy

Improving on Perfect

Buy Land, they're not making it any more

Rosneft and Venezuela

Too Big To Fail? Disproportionate risks in “mega”-projects

Container Shipping - Still hunting elusive profits

IMO 2020 who? A snapshot of Dry Bulk's 2020 journey

The rise of the JOLCO


Dry Bulk in 2020

Sovereign Risk 2019: rising civil unrest adds to trading uncertainties

Two Minutes With Crystal Chan, Senior Analyst, Singapore

Ship operators - Skating on thin ice

Are strategic oil reserves back in vogue as oil market risks escalate?

Two Minutes With Efthymios Yfantis, Senior Analyst, London

Shipping Sanctions get Serious

IMO2020 - How long will majors and refiners be able to bear the credit heat?

Infospectrum London Counterparty Risk Forum 2019

Fuel trading and a “No-Deal” Brexit

2020 - Place your bets

Two Minutes With Marina Lebedeva, Manager, Hamburg

Stranded Assets? Let's get 2020 out of the way first

Infospectrum Counterparty Risk Forum 2019

Lies, Damn Lies and Fake News - Navigating the new "Transparency"

I'll take the high road - Liner strategies for 2020 remain divided

AIS scrutiny is just the first of many steps in shipping compliance

Two Minutes with Luciano Mezzalira, Senior Analyst, Oxford

Trading, shipping and the Strait of Hormuz

A case in point - Corruption in Colombia

Global LNG trade: “Risk-versus-reward” in a growing market

Catching a falling knife - Compliance in Trumpian Times

China-US tension creates uneven liner risks

Filing Season - All Change

Joining the Dots at Richards Bay Coal Terminal

Two Minutes With Wanting Huang, Senior Analyst, Singapore

Reinforcing a long-term commitment to the global counterparty risk appraisal market ahead of IMO 2020

PDVSA: Trials and Tribulations

Bad Operators: It's All in the Small Print

Two Minutes With Simon Hasslacher, Senior Analyst, Americas

Irrational Ordering? Container Shipping Supply and Demand Hangs in the Balance

Compliance Risk Management — Money No Object?

'Heads I Win, Tails You Lose' — Old Dry Bulk Operating Models Go Out the Window

Infospectrum Prepares for an Eventful Year

Bunkering and Banks - Once Bitten, Twice Shy?

Two Minutes With Nicolas Defillion, Senior Analyst, Oxford

How Will the Container Industry Recover USD20bn in Fuel Costs Post-2020?

Blue Sky Tanker Thinking - Changes Afoot in the VLCC Sector

Two Minutes With Gemma McSweeney, Head of Client Services, Oxford

Paying Third Parties – Knowing Your Rights

Two Minutes With Dean Hilton, Analyst and General Manager, Australia

How Will IMO 2020 Impact Counterparty Risk Management?

LNG — Back to the Boom Years?

Bouncing a Cheque in the UAE: Still a Serious Offence?

Bunkers, Increasing Costs of Capital and Disappearing Cash

Felix Yamasato, Senior Analyst, Infospectrum Americas

Infospectrum Collaboration Enhances Baltic Exchange Members' Risk Assessment Capability

Is the Worst Over for the Offshore Sector?

Infospectrum London Forum 2018

Counterparty Management: A New Approach

Two Minutes With Matthew Pickin, Senior Analyst, Oxford

India’s Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code – a Game Changer or Business as Usual?

Two Minutes With Ven Loh, Manager, Singapore

Transparency in Shipping

The Turkish Economic Crisis

On the Radar: Sanctions and Tariffs

Two Minutes with Rebecca Christiansen, Senior Corporate Account Manager, Oxford

Don’t Try This at Home

Infospectrum Credit Risk Forum 2018

These are Testing Times for Marine Fuels Providers

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