Infospectrum Collaboration Enhances Baltic Exchange Members' Risk Assessment Capability

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We are delighted to announce our collaboration with the Baltic Exchange as their exclusive counterparty intelligence provider. Here is what the Baltic Exchange had to say:

The Baltic Exchange and leading global maritime counterparty risk analysis company Infospectrum, today (24 October 2018) announced a collaboration that will see Infospectrum become the Baltic Exchange’s exclusive counterparty intelligence provider.  

The partnership will allow the Baltic Exchange to carry-out more detailed background checks of entities seeking to join the Exchange. It will also provide Baltic Exchange members with a means of sourcing business/company information, counterparty intelligence and credit reporting/credit ratings on their business partners.  

Members will be encouraged to draw upon Infospectrum’s market intelligence developed by its global team of risk analysts and consultants in the UK, the US, Singapore, Australia and Colombia. Information will also be used to support the Baltic Exchange’s dispute resolution service,reducing time and costs allocated to this complex area. 

Mark Jackson, CEO, Baltic Exchange, commented: “This is part of the Baltic Exchange’s drive to add value to Baltic membership. We want the wider commodity and financial communities to understand that Baltic Exchange member firms adhere to a strict code of conduct based on the principles of honesty and ethical trading, with access to impartial information from Infospectrum, a recognised and respected intelligence provider.”

Panos Panousis, Managing Director, Infospectrum, added: “We’re delighted to be collaborating so closely with the Baltic Exchange. Greater transparency, and an improved understanding of the risks of our complex sector, benefits individual companies and the shipping industry as a whole. Our team of experts will help to speed up and enhance the Baltic’s new member onboarding process, identify whether or not a company is a Baltic Exchange member in our reports and provide business intelligence to the Baltic Exchange.” 

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Published on 26 Oct 2018

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